About Brewer Presentations


Miriam Brewer is a highly respected Presentation Designer dedicated to providing her clients what they value the most: time, energy, and the confidence they are positioned for on-stage success. To date, Miriam holds a BFA in Graphic Design (2006), an MFA in Visual Communication Design (2018), and concurrently began her 16+ year career in this creative space as a Graphic Designer for various renowned organizations. During this time, Miriam gained strong expertise ranging from print design, digital solutions, and delivering creative concepts for companies industry-wide, and enjoys leveraging that dynamicity to ensure presenters feel confident the moment they step on the stage.  

From intrinsic visual creativity, message alignment and budget/time optimization, nothing makes Miriam happier than translating presenter visions into tangible realities while simultaneously ensuring they attain the positive, cordial, and all-around constructive experiences they deserve. Overall, Miriam addresses every project with commitment, innovation, and professionalism (aka combing up presentations that audiences actually want to engage with) and continuously demonstrates that delivering beautiful yet functional slides can impact long-term. That said, Miriam has a genuine ardency for seeing others win, and values authenticity. Every effort that she does as a designer rests on one cornerstone notion – her passion for creating turnkey presentations that presenters, audiences, and stakeholders alike can mutually be proud of.