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Tips, tricks and resources to help you create better presentations, feel more confident and get your message heard! Take a peek at my latest blog posts:

Presentation Intro Hook Ideas To Grab (And Maintain) Your Audience’s Attention

Did you know that the average attention span for a typical audience lasts about 5 minutes before you start running the risk of losing them? Couple that with the harsh reality that 79% of audiences think presentations are boring right out of the gates, make it that...

5 Preparation Steps To Nail Down Before Heading On Stage

Whether you are a new presenter or a well-seasoned one, it is no secret that heading on stage can be a nerve-wracking experience if you are not adequately prepared for it. In fact, 90% of PowerPoint presenters feel anxious due to a lack of preparation. Couple that...

Using The Art Of PowerPoint Storytelling To Create More Compelling Presentations

In the world of presentation design and PowerPoint deliverance, there is no denying that dull, boring, and robotic presentations simply do not work. Extensively long presentations with text-heavy slides (especially ones without logical design flow) only result in...

5 Ways to Structure Your PowerPoint Presentation To Keep Audiences Engaged

From corporate pitches, nonprofit presentations to personal/public movements, there is no denying that presenting with a combed PowerPoint presentation is one of the most fundamental aspects in driving a message home. After all, a distinguished presentation design...

5 Ways To Make A Powerful Financial Presentation

Who said financial presentations should be boring? Here’s how to level up your next slide deck design and present a powerful business presentation.

Common Presentation Design Challenges in the Technology Sector

Creating presentations in the technology sector can have many challenges. Find out how a presentation designer can help you tell your story visually to engage all audiences.

Is Your Presentation Visual Enough?

How do we know if our presentation is visual enough or engaging enough to capture the audience’s attention and lead to a proactive result in the end? These tips might help:

Visual Hierarchy Considerations When Designing Your Slide Deck

Even with several design tools in front of us, it can still be difficult to conjure up a visually appealing presentation. There are a few good principles that need to be considered when applying visual hierarchy to your slides. These principles will help make your...
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