When you work in technology, you become well-versed in complex topics and ideas. At some point, you are going to be asked to present your ideas to people who don’t know anything about tech. While the ideas may be second nature to you, it’s important to make sure your presentations are palatable to a wider audience.

It can be difficult to get out of your own mindset and write something that a novice could understand, and that’s where partnering with a presentation designer can help. Utilizing visual storytelling and simple language can help you create a killer presentation for any audience. 

Explaining Complex Topics With Simple Language

The technology sector can be full of heavily complex topics that are hard to understand if you don’t work in the field. One of the biggest challenges in tech presentations is ensuring that you use simple language without making it sound as if you’re “dumbing it down.”

Your presentation should be palatable for audiences of all backgrounds. They might not be able to grasp all the ins and outs of what you’ll be doing, but they should leave with a basic understanding of the concept. 

So, as you are figuring out the copy for your presentation, try to think like someone who doesn’t work in tech. Use simple language. If there are words you absolutely need to use, be sure to explain them well. 

The Importance of Visual Storytelling 

The goal of your presentation is to actively engage your audience, not bore them to death. Visual storytelling is an incredible tool that should be utilized in all technology presentations. It’s relatively new in the world of presentations. In fact, according to Google Trends, it’s only become a commonly searched term within the last five years. 

Since many technical ideas are conceptual, they can be difficult to grasp without visuals to show what’s happening. Using visuals will help you reinforce what you’re describing to your audience. A presentation designer can help explain difficult concepts by creating infographics, or humanize a concept by choosing the appropriate graphics and imagery to help shape a story. Presentation designers can also clearly display data, so you can back up what you’re selling to stakeholders or investors. 

Final Thoughts

If you are in the technology sector, hiring a presentation designer will help you tell your story. The biggest challenge you are going to face is making sure your presentation is accessible to those who don’t work in the field.

Working with a presentation designer will help you shape your ideas visually and keep your audience engaged. We hope you found these tips helpful. Good luck with your presentation! 

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